Our Goals

1. Enhance the value-add of the Institute to the aerospace sector

The Institute is becoming recognised as the go-to place on aerospace research and technology (R&T) within the UK, and for the value it brings in enabling collaboration. It is important that the Institute continues to enhance the contribution it makes to the sector, and that it is also recognised as an influential body enabling UK aerospace prosperity.

In pursuit of this strategic goal, the Institute will:

  • Strengthen its role and recognition as the home for UK aerospace technology strategy and R&T investment by working closely with organisations in the UK’s supply chain and Government
  • Leverage its advantaged perspective to identify opportunities and enable R&T collaboration by focusing on the portfolio approach to ensure the Technology Strategy is delivered
  • Develop insight and capabilities to advantage UK aerospace suppliers by working with the Aerospace Growth Partnership and Trade Bodies to engage with organisations within the supply chain

2. Maximise economic benefit of R&T investments

Aerospace technology research is essential to the success of the UK aerospace sector. The role of the Institute is enabling a different approach to Government and Industry R&T investment by purposefully investing in an aerospace technology strategy that maximises UK economic impact.

In pursuit of this strategic goal, the Institute will:

  • Engage with Government to embed a portfolio approach to investments to promote economic benefits across the supply chain
  • Maintain its robust evaluation of projects to effectively advise Government and Industry seeking to ensure that this is efficient and effective to all stakeholders
  • Continue to monitor the investment strategies of other nations with a view to understanding whether the UK remains globally attractive in securing research and technology investments
    – supporting future independent economic evaluations commissioned by Government
    – showcasing the work of the ATI’s strategy via events and communication plans

3. Catalyse ambitious research and technology

The Institute works in an objective and transparent manner with Industry, borne out by universal application of a common framework agreement and publication of the Strategic Review Committee approach and schedule. The Institute is well positioned to objectively convene and facilitate the sector to develop projects that address gaps in the aerospace technology strategy. The 2016 technology strategy update also identified a need to intervene, particularly where:

  • Strategic decisions on large aircraft developments are taken outside of the UK
  • Strategic decisions are taken in the UK, but international options present a risk to UK supply
  • Mature and consolidated supply chain stifles innovation
  • Commercial competition amongst organisations presents a barrier to beneficial collaboration

The Institute aims to be recognised as an enabler of transformation and more ambitious R&T.

In pursuit of this strategic goal, the Institute will:

  • Engage actively with overseas based decision makers in international companies
  • Provoke debate and discussion with stakeholders using a range of engagement approaches, including: one to one discussions; one to many discussions; facilitated workshops
  • Investigate important technology agendas and make recommendations to catalyse action
  • Facilitate formation of consortia and project in response to strategic technology challenges

4. Enrich the UK supply chain by deepening international engagement and delivery

The global nature of aerospace requires the Institute to take an international approach, to attract investment and build relations with overseas supply chains and regulators. UK organisations need access to partners with technologies, skills, capabilities and infrastructure not readily available in the UK. They also need to strengthen relationships with overseas companies to position themselves for future opportunities. The vote to leave the European Union clearly has a major impact on this.

In pursuit of this strategic goal, the institute will:

  • Build links with overseas companies which are or may become active in the UK
  • Develop opportunities for R&T collaboration with selected overseas nations and European organisations
  • Brief the UK aerospace industry on overseas opportunities
  • Work with Government departments to secure inward investment and maximise overseas opportunities

The Institute has developed a set of metrics to be able to report to the Board on a monthly basis on progress being made on each of the strategic goals.

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