Our Values

For UK plc; Enabling innovation and seeking value creation opportunities for UK plc is central to our philosophy.   By encouraging, creating and unlocking these opportunities, we aim to improve the competitive edge of the UK aerospace sector at home and abroad. As UK aerospace ambassadors, we are committed to position the industry as a global technical leader, encouraging investment in world class manufacturing and product technology.

Relationships grounded in trust, integrity and respect; Strong and effective business relationships are vital for success. By honouring our commitments and holding true to our values, our stakeholders know what to expect of us – and we know what to expect of each other.  We act with integrity, anticipate and welcome challenge and respect others’ views. We know and value the importance of treating sensitive information with the utmost of care.

Independent, bold and open-minded; We provide objective technical and strategic insight by leveraging broad and deep sector knowledge and expertise.  This enables us to think differently, challenge convention and consider all possibilities – discovering new opportunities for innovation and transformation.

Agile with Impact; Responsive to a dynamic global business environment, we execute our business quickly, efficiently and diligently.  A small organisation with a simple structure, we react quickly and punch well above our weight.

Latest News

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