/ March '17

ATI launches Through-Life Engineering Services (TES) survey

Posted by jwarehand

In order to support the UK aerospace sector in adopting Through-Life Engineering Services (TES) principles, the Institute is developing a TES technology strategy.

To inform the strategy, the Institute is looking to develop a complete view of TES capabilities and technologies in the UK aerospace sector and gather facts, figures and perspectives through a survey. The survey focuses particularly on the following areas:

  • Sector state of play; how and where are TES principles applied currently
  • The main TES drivers and priorities at various levels of the sector
  • Current gaps (technology and others) and requirements for adoption of TES approach where applicable

The outputs from the survey will help the ATI develop a TES technology strategy for the UK aerospace sector. We thank you for your help and support to do this.

Survey link:

Who should complete this survey?

UK companies who are involved in or support the design, development, manufacture, integration and / or servicing of aircraft parts / components, systems and assemblies should complete this survey.

Please complete questions to the best of your knowledge, making estimations where necessary based on your experience. Any clarifying questions regarding this questionnaire, should be sent to