As the technology hub for UK aerospace, we will ensure that stakeholders at all levels can properly engage with the Institute.  We will utilize a variety of channels to do this:

  • Strategic Relationships with those organisations who can, through the execution of research, deliver the objectives of the Technology Strategy. These relationships will broadly be one to one between the Institute and the organisation.
  • Technology Advisory Structure will ensure that organisations in industry and academia in specific themes, such as materials, are able to coalesce around market opportunities. These networks will be instrumental in seeking out cross cutting themes and areas of need within the aerospace supply chains. The Institute sees these mechanisms as a one to many relationship.
  • Technology Showcases and Briefing Events which will provide opportunities to build consensus views of the UK’s technology needs, create consortia and broaden the reach and network of the Institute.
  • E-Channels are essential to reach both national and international networks. E-channels include twitter feeds, weekly e-briefings, the use of webinars and an online presence via www.ati.org.uk .

Working through these channels, we expect to develop R&T opportunities with the sector in the following way:

  • Large Industrial Companies –  taking an active lead in developing consortia, including involvement of SMEs and academia, to form strategic projects
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) – seeking participation on strategic projects, working with larger organisations as partners or forming consortia to bid into competitive open calls.  The Institute will support SME participation, helping to network businesses with shared or complementary interests.
  • Research Centres and Universities – seeking participation on strategic projects and competitive open calls as partners – although as Aerospace Technology Institute projects are industry led, they may not act in a lead role. The Institute will support university participation, helping to form the right relationships with industry.

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