The ATI Framework Agreement


The Framework Agreement (FA) is a bilateral agreement between the ATI and an organisation that is seeking an ATI grant. The FA details how the ATI collects and processes data, details the data that the ATI is seeking to collect, how the ATI deals with confidentiality and intellectual property, the process of strategic review, and how industrial contributions to the ATI are calculated and collected from industry. The document was formulated through consultation with industry and provides a transparent and consistent working arrangement between the ATI and a single organisation. The document applies to all ATI projects that will be contracted from 1st January 2016 onwards. There are no revisions to the document, i.e. if an organisation wishes to have a clause reviewed the ATI won’t accept the request. This ensures that the ATI works consistently across the sector.


The ATI has established the Framework Agreement for the following reasons:

  • To bring consistency and transparency to how the ATI works with organisations, a single framework that is unilaterally applied to the sector ensures that the ATI is genuinely working with all organisations in a consistent way
  • To bring efficiency to working confidentially with organisations, one framework agreement for the whole sector is the most efficient way of working
  • To bring absolute clarity to confidentiality and intellectual property; confidential working with organisations is essential to the ATI being able to develop a rich and robust strategy and in addition being able to clearly articulate that the ATI has no commercial interest in the exploitation of IP is key to building successful relationships.

The development of the agreement was executed through consultation with a small number of organisations to understand challenges from a range of perspectives.


Organisations seeking to work with the ATI on confidential material are encouraged to sign the Framework Agreement as soon as possible. Organisations must have signed the agreement before a proposal is reviewed at the second Strategic Review Committee. Lastly, the terms and conditions of Innovate UK’s Conditional Offer Letter now state that consortia partners must demonstrate that they have signed the Framework Agreement.


The ATI publishes the list of organisations that have signed its Framework Agreement; this list is updated on the 1st of each month.

DL FA signatories

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