Specialist Advisory Groups


The Specialist Advisory Groups will ensure cohesion and leadership of specialist themes to enable delivery of the Institute’s technology strategy, objectives and ensuring it meets the aspiration of the government and industry in partnership document; Lifting Off – Implementing the Strategic Vision for UK Aerospace.

The Specialist Advisory Groups will actively contribute to the Institute’s aerospace technology strategy and programme through discussion, road mapping and provision of intelligence. The group will promote the formation of consortia to define and execute technology programmes that form part of the overall ATI aerospace technology programme, working across the Institute’s working groups where required to coordinate broader inputs to strategy and programmes.

The Specialist Advisory Group members will interact with the Institute to organise events to engage with the broader technology community, including but not limited to industry (micro, small, medium and large enterprises), academia, and research organisations.

The Specialist Advisory Groups will support and promote the Institute’s technology strategy and programme in the context of their own activities in public events, media and publications, to ensure visibility of delivery of the institute, the investment and industrial strategy. The group members will contribute to technical inputs for submission to government on the ATI aerospace technology strategy and programme where the Institute is leading on submissions.

The Specialist Advisory Groups will lead the UK forum in their respective strategic technology areas to ensure that aerospace works across sectors where possible and act as a consultative forum for funding organisations such as Innovate UK, EPSRC and within the EU. The Specialist Advisory Groups will encourage representation from other UK and International specialist technical groups that focus on specific, cross sectorial technology themes, providing a conduit for these sub-group leaders to input into the aerospace domain.

Specialist Advisory Groups Information


Nine Specialist Advisory Groups of senior technology specialists to provide advice and input to the Institute’s technology strategy.


  • Input into the technology strategy, technology road maps and the technology programme
  • Input to reports to government on Aerospace technology, programmes and issues
  • Input to technology reports to industry leaders
  • Representation of Specialist Advisory Groups in other cross sectorial groups to act as conduit into the Aerospace domain


  • Specialist Advisory Groups will meet face-to-face at least quarterly. The Chair may call more regular meetings and link-calls to progress particular issues e.g. strategy updates.
  • Specialist Advisory Groups will be chaired by the Institute’s Head of Technology for the enabling technology or value stream
  • Full secretariat support will be provided by the Institute

SAG Structure


Specialist Advisory Group Descriptions

Whole Aircraft 

Will act as a forum for the whole aircraft community, covering areas including whole aircraft modelling, architectures, integration, safety and certification, and the air vehicle within the transport system. Vehicles in scope include: fixed wing commercial aircraft, recreational aircraft, civil rotorcraft, civil lighter than air vehicles and civil unmanned air systems. This group will bring together inputs from other Specialist Advisory Groups.


Covering all aircraft structures and areas including specification and architecture, modelling, analysis and simulation, verification and validation and through life support.


Covering the propulsion system for fixed wing and rotary wing platforms, including the propulsion system itself, the power transmission and areas such as propulsion system architecture and design, modelling, analysis and simulation, verification and validation, and production and through life support. 


This group will cover the broadest scope of systems including intelligent systems, communications and connectivity, electrical power systems, mechanical systems, equipment and components and system integration and test.


Covering the wider aspects of aerodynamics for external and internal flows including the understanding of basic flow physics; flow management including flow management for performance, shape design, loads control and aeroelastics, flight dynamics, aeroacoustics, integration, propulsion and rotorcraft specific topics; modelling and data.


Group will bring together all aspects of manufacturing technology from design to production engineering, tools, processes, assembly and the manufacturing environment.


Covering materials aspects of all of our value streams focussing on knowledge, information and data management; non-destructive evaluation, damage detection and repair; advanced materials processing; modelling and simulation and the application of materials in demanding environments as well as lightweight materials.

Process & Tools

The group will address the processes (design, manufacture, in-service, etc)  associated with the aircraft and/or sub-system lifecycle, the computational tool interfaces associated with moving towards multi-disciplinary processes, and the data and information management, all of them enclosed within an environment where the person in the loop is an integral part of the process.

Technology Infrastructure

The group will ensure cohesion of requirement for the industry is articulated to inform a prioritised investment plan to best meet the needs for experimental facilities including: ground testing, flight testing, computational simulation, instrumentation and experimental techniques and manufacturing infrastructure requirements.

Members of Specialist Advisory Groups – Registration of Interest to Join

Please fill in the registration of interest form below. Registration will be open until August 20th. Successful applicants will be offered to join as members of a specific Specialist Advisory Group and will be notified by end of August via e-mail. First meetings for the Specialist Advisory Groups will be held during September 2015, meeting venue and dates to be confirmed.


The members of the Specialist Advisory Groups will be from an organisation that either funds or delivers research. Members will be expected to actively contribute to the development of the Institute’s UK aerospace strategy and programmes

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