Shagufta joined the ATI in April 2016. As Communications Officer, she is responsible for the Institute’s social media activity (such as Twitter and LinkedIn), writing content for the web site and eNewsletter, coordinating the programme of writing and designing white papers and reports, and reaching out to journalists who cover aerospace.

Shagufta’s role requires her to not only liaise with virtually everyone working in the Institute, but to build and maintain connections with many of the Institute’s external stakeholders. Whether it is agreeing a statement to provide to the media, or arranging a guest blog for the web site, or writing a profile on an ATI-funded project, Shagufta has a network of people from across the sector with whom she works regularly.

Shagufta’s skills in managing a diverse network of contributors, partners and stakeholders were developed in her pre-ATI career. Prior to joining the Institute, Shagufta was a Policy Communications Officer for the National Apprenticeship Service, and before that a Press Officer for the Skills Funding Agency. Both of those roles gave Shagufta valuable experience in dealing with Government departments and industry partners.

Shagufta is one of life’s natural organisers. She has built a reputation within the Institute as a ‘safe pair of hands’ who can tackle a task from start to finish in the most efficient manner possible. When Shagufta joined the Institute, the energy levels in the office virtually doubled overnight – her enthusiasm for all things aerospace and willingness to be an active member of the ATI team is infectious.

Shagufta is currently studying for the Professional PR Diploma run by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), a qualification in strategic communications that is highly-regarded within the PR industry for its comprehensive (and particularly challenging) syllabus. It’s this interest in improving, in adding to skill sets, and exploring new ways of working, that has helped the ATI’s communications programme to evolve, grow and reach new levels of engagement.

It’s fair to say that Shagufta loves shopping. From our office in Cranfield, the attractions of the nearby Milton Keynes’ shopping centres are like a siren call that she has failed to resist on numerous occasions. It’s not uncommon to be shown the newest home furnishing that was acquired in a lunchtime shopping trip and which will soon be gracing the Mustafa household.

And that is clearly where Shagufta’s heart lies – with her husband, six-year-old daughter, and their (presumably) beautifully decorated home.