The Aerospace Technology Institute sends its congratulations to the Spirit Aerosystems team in Prestwick on winning a new Airbus contract to produce carbon-composite wing components.

The contract, for the ‘spoiler’ wing component of the Airbus A320 aircraft, will lead to a fundamental step change in the manufacturing processes at Prestwick and see the introduction of composite manufacturing and advanced automation that is similar to levels found in the car industry.

Dr Simon Weeks, Chief Technology Officer of the ATI, said:

“The ATI is delighted that its earlier support for Spirit Aerosystems via the WILETE project has laid the foundation for them to secure this new Airbus contract, to produce new and innovative carbon-composite wing components for its A320 aircraft.

“Not only is this great news for Spirit and the 100 jobs it creates in Prestwick, but it is also good for the UK as it secures a capability that might otherwise have gone overseas. This will further strengthen the UK’s position as a global leader in wing development. This is a good example of how Government investment into R&T delivers direct commercial advantages for our industry and economic benefits for the country”.

Scott McLarty, Vice President and General Manager, Spirit UK and Malaysia, added:

“We are pleased that this innovative technology development brings not only improved quality and savings to our customer, but also secures an additional work stream for the UK business.

“This opportunity leverages our technology, design and manufacturing expertise to better support the needs of our customers and significantly strengthens our ability to secure future work.”