Last year the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) shared insights of its attendance at the Swedish Aerospace Technology Congress 2016 through a blog post highlighting the opportunities for collaborative projects between UK and Swedish partners.

On Friday 19th May the ATI hosted the latest UK-Sweden roundtable, welcoming a delegation from Sweden which included representatives from Vinnova, Innovair, Saab and GKN Sweden. The roundtable was the latest in a number of meetings the Institute has held with Swedish industry, and it reaffirmed the appetite of organisations from both nations to work together on bilateral R&D projects, bringing strategic benefits to their respective aerospace sectors.

There is mutual recognition that working bilaterally and engaging in technology collaborations could result in both countries gaining access to partners with skills and experience, that may not be readily available nationally, and gaining access to facilities and infrastructure that also may not be available in their home country.

Several project areas have already been identified to date where collaborations could be formed, including advanced systems, aerostructures, materials and aircraft modelling, many of which align with the ATI technology strategy Raising Ambition. The Institute looks forward to providing support on helping these develop into research projects. While the roundtable provided an excellent opportunity to discuss new areas of collaboration, it also served as an opportunity to refine existing areas of collaboration by discussing potential projects, partners and collaborations. As a result, the ATI and counterparts at Innovair now have a strong list of potential projects to help develop and progress. Looking ahead, there is enthusiasm on both sides to take stock of the many projects before holding the next joint UK/Sweden meeting in the Autumn.