Robert joined Roland Berger’s London office in 2000 as an expert in the aerospace, defence and aviation sectors. He advises clients mainly in the aerospace and defence industry, including many of the world’s leading companies in these sectors. His consulting activities focus on strategy, mergers & acquisitions and operational performance improvement.

The constant change in the aerospace sector can be very exciting, there is always something new to explore.



What do you find most interesting about the aerospace sector?

The constant change within the sector – there is always something different going on, and some new area to explore, whether in design, development, production, or after-sales support.


What is your prediction for the future of the UK aerospace sector?

It all depends on whether the UK is prepared to invest in a High-Value Design centre in order to protect and enhance our ability to control and influence the early stage of design of the next generation of aerospace platforms. If so, then I can see the UK continuing to prosper in the aerospace sector; if not, I think that there is a very real risk that our skills and influence will atrophy, and the aerospace sector will follow other UK industrial sectors into long-term decline.


What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

To step back from the detail and pressures of day-to-day (or minute-to-minute) activities and think about the situation from a strategic perspective. I learned this from my Director of Studies at Cambridge, and have never forgotten it.


What are your key successes to date?

Working on some of the largest and most challenging new aircraft and engine programmes within the aerospace sector. I have been very fortunate to have been close to many of the most high-profile activities within the sector, and to have been able to work with various organisations at the forefront of the challenges which the industry faces.


Describe your ideal day away from work?

Based on my summer holiday, a good walk in the mountains of Colorado. I finally managed to finish the Colorado Trail this year, and relished the peace and quiet away from work with no phone signal.


Who inspires you the most?

From a work perspective, Peter Drucker. I have just been re-reading The Effective Executive – written in the 1950s, this book still has great lessons for today on subjects such as prioritisation and time management.


What is your golden rule?

Every project is different, and there is always something interesting within each project, particularly in aerospace.


Robert will be one of our keynote speakers at ATI Conference 2017: Realising Ambition, and will be speaking on Day One.