The Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP) in association with Airbus, hosted a supply chain conference on 26th April in London, focusing on supply chain of the future; exploring and sharing visions and opportunities for the UK supply chain, and discussing what is it that UK suppliers need to do to gain a larger share of a developing market. The event was extremely well attended and there was lots of energy and positive conversations throughout the day. An impressive programme of speakers included Richard Harrington MP, Minister for Business and Industry, Airbus’ Chief Operating Officer Tom Williams, our Head of Technology for Advanced Systems & Propulsion Mark Scully, Professor Sam Turner, Chief Technology Officer of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, Andy Page Chief Executive Officer of Sharing in Growth, and others.

The event sent a clear message: if the UK aerospace sector is to continue enjoying the success and growth, then we really need to think about how we continue to develop competitiveness of the UK supply chain. As a community, what can we do to take the supply chain with us on this journey into aerospace of the future? There is lots still to be explored here, but what is apparent is if the UK is to thrive in a globally fierce and competitive market, then we need an ambitious, innovative and agile supply chain.

The Institute is encouraging and supporting supply chain companies to think globally and more innovatively. Technology development really is the key to exploiting this developing global market, and by boosting competitiveness of UK suppliers the sector can achieve its potential. Working in collaboration with some of our stakeholders, such as EPSRC and APC, the Institute is connecting supply chains across different sectors to accelerate innovation, enable sharing of knowledge and boost technological developments.

There are a number of support mechanisms available for companies through the ATI – organisations can contact the Institute via email or visit the ATI’s website to find out more about what’s available. We encourage the UK supply chain to engage with us to explore how technology developments can help to support competitiveness in product technology, design capability and manufacturing technology. We are also keen to engage with organisations that are not necessarily traditional aerospace supply chain companies but are looking to enter the aerospace sector and target future opportunities.