Advisory groups

We work closely with a number of Government, industry, academic and research organisations.

Technology Advisory Group (TAG)

The TAG is a forum for technology seniors from across the aerospace sector to input into the ATI strategy and programme, whilst providing overall leadership and guidance to the ATI’s various advisory groups. The TAG convenes four times a year, with members chosen from government, industry, research centres and academia.

Technology Working Groups (WG)

There are a series of technology WG for each strategic theme as shown below. There are between 2-4 WG per strategic theme, aligning directly with the key strategic priorities in the ATI’s Accelerating Ambition.

Each WG provides the ATI with insight from industry, RTOs, academia and government to develop and deliver the ATI’s technology strategy.

Market and Economic Advisory Group (MEAG)

The MEAG convenes a group of diverse market, economic and strategy thought-leaders to provide advice and constructive challenge to the ATI, in addition to broadening the thinking of the Institute and how it develops the technology strategy. The MEAG considers the market forces and opportunities driving the need for innovation, new aerospace technologies and business models, and where and how the sector generates economic value.

The core focus of the MEAG includes:

  • Strategic themes impacting aerospace – global mega-trends shaping the future of travel; emerging and creative business models changing the commercial landscape of aviation and aerospace.
  • Aviation-specific market drivers and opportunities – industrial, market, regulatory and competitive trends within aircraft markets; aircraft platform performance and competition in the marketplace; future aircraft programme scenarios; opportunities and requirements.
  • Industrial dynamics, supply chain and associated economics – factors that attract industry to the UK and drive retention; supply chain structure; routes to market; capability gaps; and future threats driving need for change.
  • Aerospace innovation ecosystem – factors driving innovation at the national and sector level; innovation lessons across sectors; impact of innovation and its role in driving UK aerospace prosperity.
  • Economics of innovation – factors driving economic impact of aerospace research and technology (R&T) and its evidence; valuing and measuring economic value of R&T; conditions that increase value from research and infrastructure projects.

International Advisory Group (IAG)

The IAG convenes a group of diverse industrial, governmental and academic thought leaders, who provide advice and constructively challenge the development of the ATI’s international strategy. As well as identifying and progressing international opportunities, the IAG also develops policy positions on a wide range of European matters, aided by individual memberships of various European working groups. A big part of the group’s focus has been to support the development of coordinated positions on Brexit, that have been used to advise government and industry, as well as provide input to the European Commission on a number of R&D related issues.