Edward Andrews


Edward Andrews is one of ATI’s Technologists, working in the Strategy & Integration team. Edward’s role is focused on delivering key activities to develop the Technology Strategy, including road mapping technologies, assessing key UK capabilities and supporting a number of cross-cutting agendas (such as high-value design and additive manufacturing). Edward is responsible for all infrastructure activities within the ATI and is leading on activity to identify future test facilities across the aerospace industry.
Prior to joining the Institute, Edward worked as a graduate mechanical engineer in the oil and gas industry, where he was responsible for managing the maintenance activities of highly-critical mechanical, electrical and process equipment on an offshore platform in the North Sea. Edward studied for a Masters Degree in Aero-Mechanical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.
Edward enjoys taking on challenging tasks that take him out of his comfort zone, both in the workplace and outside of work. He once walked an impressive 96 miles for charity from Glasgow to Fort William, in the Scottish Highlands over five days – demonstrating his commitment and determination!
For Edward, some of his big achievements have been associated with his academic and workplace successes, which include the completion of his dissertation around modelling possible trajectories for hypothetical future hypersonic passenger aircraft, and building a fully-functioning water-powered rocket complete with on-board systems. During his career in the oil and gas industry, Edward successfully led a project for the overhaul of a 50m long seawater lift pump on-board a North Sea oil and gas platform.
Edward’s passion for the outdoors is certainly evident through his interests and hobbies, which include activities such as hiking, running, cycling and sailing. On a more percussive note, Edward has also recently taken up playing the drums.

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