Mark Scully

Head of Technology (Advanced Systems & Propulsion)

Mark Scully, one of the ATI’s Heads of Technology, is responsible for leading two of the four technology themes identified in the Institute’s Raising Ambition technology strategy: Smart, Connected & More Electric Aircraft; and Propulsion of the Future.
For advanced systems, Mark is leading an initiative on a virtual systems development – a platform to support increasingly complex and integrated systems solutions. Another key focus of Mark’s role is to support the UK industrial technology opportunity for Ultra High Bypass Ratio (UHBR) turbofan engines.
Mark is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), and member of the IET Transport Executive Committee.
Mark’s career began at Rolls-Royce with the development of digital engine control systems, working on demanding applications in all segments of the civil aerospace sector. Mark studied Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University on a Rolls-Royce sponsored degree, which included several industrial placements.
During his career Mark briefly turned to the automotive sector, but his passion for aerospace soon bought him back to the excitement and challenges of aero engines. Mark’s journey also took him to Brazil, working on the Embraer 170/190 regional jet propulsion system. He later returned to the UK to lead on the technology strategy and initiatives for next-generation engines, before moving to the ATI in his current role as Head of Technology (Advanced Systems & Propulsion).
Other than his passion for aero engines, if you were to ask Mark what he enjoys most outside of work, he would beam and say spending time with his lovely family (which includes two sets of twins!) and looking after his prized motors. Mark is a very proud ‘Jag fanatic’; according to Mark he is “a proud owner of a couple of fine examples of British automotive magic”!
Keeping with the theme of motors, Mark is also a keen caravaner who likes to take all the comforts of home wherever he goes.
During his career, Mark has achieved many successes, including actively and successfully convening the UK aerospace systems sector prior to the existence of the ATI, delivering a compelling need for UK investment in aerospace systems, and inventing novel aero engine control systems with numerous patents.

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