Clean Sky 2 Story

Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking (CSJU) is a successful public-private partnership between the European Commission and the European aeronautics industry that is on its way to achieving the ACARE environmental performance targets.

UK industry has the opportunity to participate in developing core aerospace technology with access to future customers and research and development funding.

The ATI actively encourages UK companies to participate in this work programme. Industry feedback suggests that the scale and complexity of the programme can deter companies from applying for funding.

To support UK companies in engaging in European-funded programmes, ATI has developed an inter active SharpCloud portal to provide insight and demystify the Clean Sky 2 joint technology initiative.

The portal provides users with:

• a description of the over all Clean Sky 2 programme
• a collection of publicly available presentations, including topic leaders’ programme plans
• presentations from collaborative workshops that include information on the application and evaluation processes
• a breakdown of individual calls related to each work stream, how they link to the work programme and how individual calls interrelate.
• an ability to interrogate individual calls, with additional information added when data becomes available
• an opportunity to communicate interest in a specific call or express interest in building consortia.

The story is continually updated with new calls as they are released and populated with available information to support applicants in maximising the potential of their proposals. The portal is free to use, but requires the user to register for a (free) SharpCloud account.

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(Fig.1) ATI European Portal dashboard

(Fig.2) Cleansky 2 dashboard

(Fig.3) A snapshot of one Clean Sky 2 Integrated Technology demonstrator portfolio with relationship and dependencies network

(Fig.4) New calls are presented against individual work streams. Each call can be interrogated by topic leader, work package link etc

(Fig.5) Portal contains all calls, this screen shot identifies all calls in a specific work theme

(Fig.6) A snapshot of an individual call that provides an overview of the call, relative links and work programme identification

(Fig.7) Demonstration of the collaborative opportunities and the ability to showcase an individual organisation’s capabilities and interests

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