The government’s statement concerning Horizon 2020


Following withdrawal from the EU, the UK will continue to participate in Horizon 2020 until the programme comes to an end at the end of 2020. The UK government is encouraging the UK research and innovation community to continue applying for Horizon 2020 funding and participating in Horizon 2020 projects because UK entities are eligible to participate in all aspects of the Horizon 2020 programme while the UK remains a member of the EU. The UK and the EU fully intend UK entities’ eligibility in Horizon 2020 to remain unchanged for the duration of the programme and this includes eligibility to participate in all Horizon 2020 projects and to receive Horizon 2020 funding for the lifetime of projects.

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Participation in Horizon Europe

The ATI is supporting the government as it seeks to continue to collaborate with European partners on major research and innovation initiatives through a far-reaching science and innovation pact.