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Aero Guru goes virtual

Disruption is no longer something the aerospace sector is waiting for - we are living through it.

By Rachel Power

06 April 2020 04:30:PM
Read time: 3 mins

During this unprecedented period of disruption, the success of companies and people will be defined by the choices they make and support they offer now. The ATI's Aero Guru initiative is responding to this challenge by broadening our scope to support even more start-ups but also guide corporates on how to collaborate with start-ups at greater pace to match today’s urgency for adopting change. Over the coming weeks the following virtual workshops will be offered including:

  • Startup stream:
    1. '(Re)positioning your technology for sales in Covid-19', 16th April: As corporate pain points are rapidly changing, how can you position your technology to answers today’s problems for your clients? With Oli Morgan from Tailored Brands. Sign up here
    2. Protecting your technology  - IP workshop, 5th May: Given the increasing need to collaborate and innovate your technology, how can a start-up protect their IP at pace?
  • Corporate stream:
    1. Corporate innovation roundtable: The future is now -  what does this mean for the industry, the key players and new disruptors?
  • Drop in support: Office hours will be available to discuss your technology, legal and business challenges.


More details will be published shortly but if you can’t wait, please get in contact with aeroguru@ati.org.uk


The workshop content will be constantly evolving to suit the needs of the community. So feel free to let us know if you would like anything in particular covered.