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BioSafe Air Travel Study – Request for Quotation

The ATI is seeking candidate organisations to lead a package of work researching the technologies to address the hygiene risks associated with the end-to-end air travel system.

By Reece Williams

05 August 2020 12:00:PM
Read time: 2 mins

Candidates are expected to have proven capability in conducting relevant research studies within aerospace and preferably with biological/hygiene experience.

This work package is a research study aiming to answer the following questions (summarised version below):

  1. What are the current viral and biological risks (both real and perceived) of the end-to-end air travel system?
  2. What are the current systems and current operational procedures typically employed and relevant to mitigating hygiene/disease risks during the end-to-end air travel system
  3. What are the emerging technologies and modified operational procedures to mitigate against the viral transmission risk throughout the end-to-end air travel system?
  4. What are the existing and new market drivers and commercial viability that will affect growth and technologies in this area?
  5. Where are the key capabilities and opportunities relevant to these hygiene/disease/systems technologies?


Photo by Camila Perez

For a full study brief and Request for Quotation, please contact reece.williams@ati.org.uk.

Deadline for receipt of proposals 21st August 2020.