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Thank you for joining us

We held our first FlyZero webinar since the launch of the project and were joined by more than 640 people across the event.

By Chris Gear - FlyZero Project Director

12 May 2021 04:00:PM
Read time: 3 mins

I believe that the level of interest in our webinar is a real reflection of the focus and energy for realising zero-carbon emission commercial aviation by the end of the decade here in the UK. 

Thank you for taking the time to join us and I hope you found the event engaging and informative. If you couldn’t join us live, the recording of the event is now available to watch on demand here.

During the webinar Q&A we received almost 100 questions from the audience and although we answered as many as we could, I also want to take this opportunity to answer some others too.

Q: Is FlyZero aiming for net zero or zero-carbon?

A: FlyZero is focused on developing zero-carbon emission aircraft concepts as eliminating carbon emissions is a key requirement for the revolutionary energy storage, production and propulsion systems which will power the next generation of aircraft. We do recognise that net zero carbon is another scenario of study and several UK R&D packages are already underway which we will review against FlyZero’s findings.

Q: How is IP being managed through the Work Package activity?

A: All details on IP can be found in the ATI Supplier Agreement available here which must be completed and signed as part of the application process. You can also get in touch with any questions by emailing procurement@flyzero.ati.org.uk

Q: Are FlyZero looking at airspace design too, and will they be funding it?

A: Yes, together with airports and airlines, airspace is an important part of our assessment of the operation of zero-carbon emission aircraft concepts and we are pleased to have expertise on secondment from NATS in the team to support this.

Q: What exactly is it that the U.K. tax payer is getting for its money? What do you envisage will you point too come the end, and say this is what we have done?

A: FlyZero is setting out to shape the future of global aviation with the intention of gearing up the UK to stand at the forefront of sustainable flight in design, manufacture, technology and skills for years to come. Our project will support the UK in preparing for and capitalising on the potential future sustainable aviation market. The specific outcomes of FlyZero include:

  • Technology Bricks and Roadmaps that describe the development needed for zero carbon aviation
  • Preliminary design of two zero-carbon emission commercial aircraft that maximise environmental impacts and drive deeper understanding of the economic, technical and industrial challenges
  • An assessment of the potential market, economic benefit, and environmental impact for a zero-carbon emission commercial aircraft
  • The understanding of this technology impact on Airports, Airlines and Air Space
  • The requirement in new supply chains to meet the future industrialisation roadmaps for zero carbon vehicles
  • A baseline assessment of the UK’s current industrial footprint and capability
  • A sustainability assessment with a view on future targets

Q: What is the plan to address the fact that only 3% of hydrogen produced is green hydrogen?

A: The production, transport and storage of alternative fuels at scale, including clean hydrogen, is an important part of our detailed and holistic assessment of the design, manufacture and operation of zero-carbon emission aircraft concepts. FlyZero is engaging with the energy sector and UK Government to forecast supply and demand for these alternative fuels as an important part of our assessment of the most viable way to deliver zero-carbon emission commercial aviation.

Work Packages

As part of the event we launched our Work Packages, which are an opportunity for organisations of all sizes across the UK to be part of the FlyZero project by tendering for one or more opportunities on a contractual basis.

To view our current Work Packages and submit your response to brief please visit ati.org.uk/flyzero/work-packages/ where further opportunities will also be listed over the coming weeks and months.


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