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The pressure is on...

A new target has been set for the UK to reduce emissions by 2035 - including international aviation.

By Chris Gear - FlyZero Project Director

22 April 2021 11:00:AM
Read time: 3 mins

This week it was announced that the UK’s share of international aviation emissions would be incorporated in the Sixth Carbon Budget as a new legal target was set for the UK to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035 compared to 1990 levels.

This is an important step on the road to decarbonising aviation by placing further emphasis on the importance of delivering carbon emission reductions in every sector, including those where it’s difficult to achieve.

The outcomes of FlyZero will make this possible as we aim to create aircraft concepts, the roadmaps and the economic case for UK investment to demonstrate how advanced technologies will enable us to realise zero-carbon emission commercial aviation by the end of the decade.

As for the automotive sector now, these environmental targets are driving a period of disruptive innovation with new supply chains needed to deliver the end product. This innovative technology requires a high level of investment in research and development to be competitive in the global aviation market.

Current forecasts from the Climate Change Committee (CCC) show aviation will be the only sector using notable amounts of oil (kerosene) by 2050. I believe the right development of technology and skills in the next 10 years can change this and put the UK at the heart of a global revolution in sustainable aviation as new clean technologies significantly reduce the sector’s reliance on oil and ultimately help eliminate carbon emissions.

Our project has recently moved into the technology development and concept creation stage where we investigate the capabilities of advanced technologies and their potential applications to future aircraft design, manufacture and operation.

Soon, we will be inviting organisations of all sizes from across the UK with specialist expertise to support this development by tendering for subcontracting opportunities across FlyZero including energy storage, propulsion systems, airframe design and integration, commercial, industrial strategy and sustainability. We are also inviting universities to be part of FlyZero through research projects. To find out more, join us for our webinar.

FlyZero Webinar: Wednesday 5th May 2021

Join our free webinar at 1pm to 3pm for the latest on the project including sustainability beyond carbon, meeting market demand and the technology challenges we’re tackling.

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During the event you’ll hear how your specialist knowledge and expertise can support this one-of-a-kind research project, including through subcontracted work package opportunities.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A with members of the FlyZero leadership team.

To find out more about FlyZero’s mission to realise zero-carbon emission commercial aviation by the end of the decade please click here, follow us on Twitter @UKAeroInstitute or email us: flyzero@ati.org.uk.