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The start-up mindset to Covid-19

Entrepreneurs see uncertainty as an opportunity. The ATI Boeing Accelerator cohort has responded to the challenges introduced by Covid-19.

By Rachel Power

06 April 2020 04:00:PM
Read time: 3 mins

Entrepreneurs see uncertainty as an opportunity, not a disadvantage. It provides them the opportunity to rip up the rule book and do something different. The following companies are members of the ATI Beoing Accelerator, and have been responding to the challenges introduced by the coronavirus pandemic.


  • Anomalous an AI-powered inspection software startup have partnered with GKN Aerospace on the VentilatorChallengeUK to provide a ventilator quality assurance software, processing the machine learning training and rendering parts for AI to learn the images, which is being used to reduce inspection and assembly time with a simple interface. Developed in days, this solution is now aiding the UK production of ventilators.


  • Circulor who offer traceability for industrial supply chains, are offering to repurpose their platform to support the roll-out of Covid-19 testing kits and provide a single place where the results can be securely recorded and presented to the relevant parties.


  • Authentise who offer process automation software for additive manufacturing, are now offering free licences to its Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to any organisation involved in 3D printing to address local shortages. The MES, usually deployed to automate additive operations, can be used in the Covid-19 response by helping to streamline the 3D printing production process, connecting multiple machines and coordinating orders and shipping.


These are only a small number of examples of the cohort's true entrepreneurial spirits. Our thanks to these startup organisations for their innovative contribution to the ongoing medical response.


If you would like to learn more please contact rachel.power@ati.org.uk