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The FlyZero Programme

To meet this challenge and to start making progress at pace, the ATI has worked with industry, academia, and members of the Aerospace Growth Partnership to scope an ambitious 12-month project to deliver:

  • An assessment of the potential market, economic benefit and environmental impact for a zero-carbon emission commercial aircraft by 2030
  • A preliminary design for a zero-carbon emission commercial aircraft to maximise environmental impact and drive deeper understanding of the economic, technical and industrial challenges
  • Technology roadmaps, identifying key development issues
  • A requirement specification as basis for future industrialisation and industrialisation roadmap
  • A baseline assessment of the UK’s current industrial footprint and capability
  • A sustainability assessment.

At the end of the programme, the outputs will be made available for further development and exploitation to the benefit of the UK. 

The team to carry out the programme is expected to number around 100 people, drawn from industry and academia.

It is important to create a broadly-based team. This is partly to cover the many issues that the project will address, but also to ensure diversity of thinking and problem-solving approaches by drawing on people from a wide range of backgrounds. The ATI is also keen to spread the benefits of working of this programme to a wide cross-section of stakeholders. It is also important that the team is independent from individual industrial interests in order to ensure the objectivity needed for future decisions.

Please note: Organisations wishing to engage with the ATI on FlyZero secondee opportunities must have signed our Framework Agreement. The agreement can be viewed here; the list of organisations that have already signed is here. If your organisation needs to sign the Framework Agreement please send an email to flyzero@ati.org.uk with the subject heading 'Framework Agreement' and you will be provided with a secure e-signature facility.