Primary funding opportunities FAQs

Primary funding opportunities

Why is the ATI publishing these primary funding opportunities?

By publishing the primary funding opportunities in the ATI Programme, we are providing industry with a view of the Destination Zero technologies key to achieving Net Zero 2050 and securing UK competitiveness which require investment in upcoming funding batches. This information will help inform organisations’ applications to the ATI Programme.

Will this list be used when assessing applications?

Similar to any competitive programme with limited funding available, the ATI must consider where funding will deliver the best return on investment for the UK by securing competitiveness and delivering on the sector’s sustainability commitments. The primary funding opportunities will serve as an additional resource to enhance the ATI’s decision making process when considering applications.


When will the primary funding opportunities be considered?

The ATI considers the priority areas for funding in line with the technologies set out in Destination Zero when assessing applications today and the primary funding opportunities will enhance this process from batch 41 onwards (From May 2023 EOI).

Will this list be updated?

Yes, a revised list of the primary funding opportunities will be made available after each strategic batch (Full Stage Application) of ATI Programme funding is awarded to ensure it reflects the latest technology areas identified for development.

What should I do if my organisation’s technology area is not listed?

The ATI Programme remains open to ideas from across the aerospace spectrum aligned to the ATI technology strategy, Destination Zero. We invite organisations with project ideas to engage with us through the ATI Hub or visit our Funding Page.

Is the ATI Programme closed to areas not listed?

No, the ATI Programme is open and competitive meaning we welcome ideas from across the aerospace spectrum aligned to the ATI technology strategy.

What is the ATI programme budget?

The annual profile for the ATI from FY22/23 to FY24/25 is set out in the table below. Future budgets will be confirmed in subsequent spending reviews. This is the total grant funding available from government which is subject to contribution from project applicants as determined by the funding rates and eligibility.

2023/2024 (£m) 2024/2025 (£m) Total (£m)
250 195 445

Where can I find out more about funding available to my organisation?

For details on the ATI Programme, NATEP and the upcoming Small Businesses funding, please visit our Funding Page. If you’re new to aerospace funding, we recommend you visit the ATI Hub, our new initiative to support innovators in aerospace to connect, access expertise and collaborate.