Funding FAQs

ATI Programme FAQs

When does the programme re-open and what are the key dates for the initial EOI?

The competition brief is now live on IFS. Applications will open on Monday 4th April and close on Wednesday 27th April.

When is the first Full Stage Competition?

Applicants who are successful at EOI will be invited to apply to the full stage competition. This will open on Monday 30th May and close on Wednesday 6th July.

What will the competition frequency be going forward?

For the ATI strategic competition, our plan is to continue monthly Expressions of Interest and quarterly  full stage competitions. Key dates for Batch 37 and Batch 38 can be found below. Future dates will be published shortly.

EOI Competition opens Monday 04-Apr-22
Submission Date (EOI closes) Wednesday 27-Apr-22
EOI Notifications Wednesday 25-May-22
Batch 37 FSA competition opens Monday 30-May-22
Batch 37 Submission Date (FSA closes) Wednesday 06-Jul-22
Batch 37 notifications Friday From 09-Sep-22


EOI Competition opens Monday 06-Jun-22 04-Jul-22 01-Aug-22
Submission Date (EOI closes) Wednesday 22-Jun-22 20-Jul-22 17-Aug-22
EOI Notifications Tuesday 12-Jul-22 09-Aug-22 06-Sep-22
Batch 38 FSA competition opens Tuesday 30-Aug-22
Batch 38 Submission Date (FSA closes) Wednesday 05-Oct-22
Batch 38 notifications Friday From 09-Dec-22

Has there been any change to funding eligibility?

No – funding eligibility will remain the same as it was when  the ATI Programme was paused.

The ATI Programme is open to all UK-based companies seeking to co-invest in mid-stage technology that has a route to market and is aligned to the UK aerospace technology strategy. The Programme works to support collaborative R&D with multiple partners in universities, Catapults and industry, including Primes and SMEs. Our objective is to co-invest in only the best projects that will deliver the best overall return, including our assessment of its commercial route to market.

Details of current funding eligibility for the Programme can be found on the IFS brief. We continuously review funding eligibility, and any future updates will be communicated in advance via the ATI website.

Has there been an update to the UK aerospace technology strategy?

Applications to the April EOI and Batch 37 will be assessed against the ATI’s current aerospace technology strategy, Accelerating Ambition.

The ATI will publish a new aerospace technology strategy on 26th April. Future batches will be assessed against that strategy.

I have a proposal that I plan to submit as an EOI soon. What should I do?

Please get in touch with the ATI, who will be happy to discuss your proposal and provide appropriate feedback.

I previously submitted an EOI – what should I do now?

We have written to all those who submitted an EOI prior to the ATI Programme being suspended. To have a draft EOI reviewed please submit here.

What level of budget has been agreed for the programme?

The annual profile for the ATI from FY22/23 to FY24/25 is set out in the table below. Future budgets will be confirmed in subsequent spending reviews.

When is the next smaller business call planned?

Programme partners are keen to do more to encourage collaborative research for smaller businesses and will set out details of the next call later this year through the ATI website.

When is the next NATEP call?

NATEP’s Spring 2022 call goes live on Innovate UK’s IFS portal on 4th April 2022, via the UKRI website. For more information you can visit the NATEP website.

Will demand for Batch 37 be high and could this impact our chance of success?

We expect that demand for ATI Programme funding will be high, reflecting the ambition within the sector to develop transformational technology.  As usual every project will be subject to a robust assessment and only the best projects will be accepted.  Applicants are encouraged to contact the ATI before they write their applications to discuss their research plans.

Who can I contact for general enquiries?

Please contact the ATI.


What do I need to do before applying?

All applicants to an ATI Programme funding competition must sign the ATI’s Framework Agreement.

Industrial partners should read the Guide to Industrial Contributions (PDF 156kb)

All applicants should read the General Guidance for Applicants available on the UK Government website.

My application has been successful. What do I need to do next?

Lead partners should complete the Lead Partner Contact Form.