Pathways to decarbonising flight

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Start: Wednesday Nov 22 2023 12:00PM
End: Wednesday Nov 22 2023 1:30PM
Location: Virtual

About this event

This workshop will introduce decarbonisation roadmaps developed by ATI and discuss the key technology levers required to decarbonise flight. It will also outline key aspects of UK policy and regulation designed to drive the decarbonisation of aviation and discuss why emissions other than CO2 are important. The presentation will be followed by discussion and Q&A, with an option for attendees to consider what impact the decarbonisation of aerospace will have on their business. There will also be an opportunity to network and collaborate with other attendees.

ATI Hub workshops provide insight into trends shaping the future of the sector, inviting you to consider innovation opportunities for your business.

Who is this event for?

  • Any organisation wanting to learn more about aerospace decarbonisation roadmaps and the technology levers associated with achieving Net Zero flight.