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International Engagement

Bilateral R&T collaboration

The ATI considers international engagement to be a key part of the UK aerospace technology strategy. International collaboration increases impact and allows individual nations to pool talent, resources and capabilities to address global challenges that no single country can tackle alone. International collaboration is particularly important for aerospace as the sector is inherently global and by collaborating with organisations from different countries, the UK aerospace sector is provided with unique opportunities to boost its competitiveness.

The ATI is engaged in a number of initiatives associated with international engagement:

UK-Sweden funding call:

Following discussions arranged by the ATI and its Swedish counterparts in Innovair, both countries launched a joint funding call for aerospace R&D in July 2018 as part of the EUREKA Network programme.

The funding call supported the development of mutually important technologies - enabling organisations from both countries to plug capability gaps and to gain access to people, skills, and infrastructure not readily available to them.

Each country committed £2.25m, matched by industry.  It was the first EUREKA Network call under the UK’s chairmanship of EUREKA and served as an important proof of concept, providing an opportunity to gain valuable insight into how to conduct a bilateral funding call.

As a result of the call’s success the ATI is currently engaged in dialogue with partners in Sweden, Canada, the US, Netherlands to inform the business case for working with them on other bilateral R&T initiatives.

Participation in international fora:

The ATI represents the interests of the UK aerospace R&T sector on the international stage by participating in a number of committees, working groups and forums. ATI personnel represent the UK (often with colleagues from BEIS) on the following groups;

EU exit

Continued engagement with Europe in science and technology, both at academic and industrial level, is very important for the UK aerospace sector. The ATI is supportive of the government’s stated aspiration to pursue an ambitious science and innovation pact with the EU. An expanded focus on bilateral frameworks should also be pursued and the ATI supports the government’s International Research and Innovation Strategy.

Practical advice for those currently receiving – or wanting to pursue – European funding can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/horizon-2020-what-it-is-and-how-to-apply-for-funding

Working with DIT to support trade and investment

Promoting exports by enhancing UK-based companies’ capability through R&D is a core part of the ATI’s international programme, as is promoting inward investment through the unique capabilities of UK-based R&D. The ATI work closely with the Department for International Trade (DIT) to support overseas missions and promote inward investment opportunities. The ATI’s focus is to ensure the UK’s best technologies are showcased to global OEMs, through dedicated missions targeting specific requirements and platforms, whilst also attracting the best innovative companies to the UK.