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Rachel Power

Rachel is the ATI’s in-house innovation guru, whose passion for new technology and helping companies collaborate to be more successful is essential to the ATI’s mission to develop the UK’s aerospace innovation capabilities.

Rachel believes that the UK, as a world leader in aerospace, is a hotbed for innovation and can spearhead the next generation of air transport technologies. She is passionate about building a collaborative aerospace ecosystem in which start-ups can prosper and new technologies can grow. The Aero Guru events, which focus on providing start-ups access to aerospace experts to help then start-ups solve their biggest challenges, is one small step to building this ecosystem.

Prior to joining the ATI Rachel’s varied career including founding a cyber security start-up and running her own advisory business supporting technology start-ups. Rachel spent almost a decade at Accenture delivering major digital transformation programmes for Fortune 500 clients and leading Accenture’s Open Innovation function to partner with start-ups, universities, government, charities and clients to create leading edge new products.

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