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Nour Eid

Nour joined the ATI’s Technology team in October 2017, to shape and develop R&D projects in manufacturing, materials and structures. Nour has supported several projects which have contributed to major UK aerospace initiatives including as Airbus’s Wing of Tomorrow programme, Bombardier’s wing production in Belfast and a wide range of supply-chain and SME led projects. Since joining the ATI, Nour has developed key technology strategies around advancing the use of additive manufacturing and near net shape manufacturing within aerospace. Nour has also been involved in research on cross-cutting activities such as how best to support start-ups who are entering the aerospace sector.

Nour graduated from Imperial College London with a first-class MEng in Aeronautical Engineering. Before joining the ATI, Nour was Technical Lead in the weight estimation and control team at Airbus in Filton. Nour was responsible for the evolving wing weight for A350-900 and A350-1000 and liaised with international suppliers to manage changes in large work packages. He has also worked in inter-disciplinary teams to support weight saving campaigns on several Airbus products and enjoyed a short secondment to the engineering department of British Airways at Heathrow.

As well as Nour’s love for engineering, he has a passion for all things musical. Nour has previously sung in several choirs and has performed in many prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and Ashton Court Stadium in Bristol. Nour’s love for music has taken him to many gigs and festivals over the years and he has seen over 1000 live acts. He is currently learning to DJ as well as produce his own music.

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