Innovation and Funding Ecosystem

The Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) works in partnership with many organisations to ensure it can provide support across a diverse community. The ATI, either directly, or through partner organisations, is working to help mobilise the UK supply chain in gaining competitive advantage.

Our partnership organisations include:

The Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP)

The Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP) was established in 2010 and is a collaboration between industry, government and academia, working for the benefit of UK aerospace as a whole.

The initial responsibility of the AGP is to establish priorities f or maintaining the position of UK aerospace. A resulting strategy will form three stages:

• secure (0-5 years)
• sustain (5-10 years)
• grow (10+ years)

Through these activities they will map the UK’s path f or developing technologies and capabilities, ensuring investment goes to the right areas at the right time. Currently there is a focus on civil aerospace, however there is scope for working synergies between relevant areas. This has already led to a step change in the working relationships between industry leaders and Government, with companies and academics working closely to maintain the UK’s prominent knowledge and capability base. The AGP’s vision extends much further beyond the next generation of aircraft, as evidenced by the Governments commitment to fund up to 500 aerospace students to Master’s level, encouraging active involvement with industry partners in placement and apprenticeship schemes. To this point the work of the AGP has already led to the commitment of over 80 senior business leaders, forging even stronger ties with current leading experts and professionals. For the full UK strategy please see the Government’s official document Lifting Off – Implementing the Strategic Vision for UK Aerospace.

National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP)

NATEP provides funding and mentoring support to companies in the UK aerospace supply chain that are collaborating with partners on innovation projects. NATEP unlocks the potential of UK supply chain companies, and offers a direct link into emerging opportunities. The ATI support will allow NATEP to build on its success of the first 114 projects, involving 268 companies, supported since its launch in 2013. By continuing to develop an aerospace supply chain with a high rate of innovation, rich in new technologies, the UK will be competitively positioned, not just locally, but globally too. This will ensure that market opportunities are exploited, with high value manufacturing work retained here in the UK. The ATI directed NATEP programme is delivered by ADS across the UK with the support of the Regional Aerospace Alliances and the Devolved Administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

EPSRC is the main UK Government agency for funding research and training in engineering and the physical sciences, investing more than £800 million a year in a broad range of subjects, from mathematics to materials science, and information technology to structural engineering.

The ATI supports EPSRC to ensure the UK maintains its world-class research position, by helping to shape aerospace research programmes and providing opportunities for collaboration between industry and academia.