Advanced Landing Gear Aero-loads and Aero-noise Prediction (ALGAAP)

This ATI-approved project ALGAAP has two principal activities related by the common objective of providing high-precision, aero-loads and noise prediction for landing gear and doors. The first activity is to develop and test a 1/10th scale aircraft model with representative main and nose landing gears: these models include movable doors, landing gear, steering and bogies. Data is captured using miniature load cells mounted on the model components, in addition to pressure tapings. The second activity focuses on the development of non-steady computational fluid dynamics (CFD). These methods have been used to predict landing-gear aero-loads and noise, and are being validated against a variety of wind tunnel tests, including particle image velocimetry (PIV) testing.

Short Title: ALGAAP
Project Number: 101371
Project Cost: £1,243,345
End Date: 30th Nov 2015
Time Horizon: Exploit
Lead Partner: Airbus
Attributes: Fuel Efficiency, Environment
ATI Value Stream: Smart, Connected and More Electric Aircraft