Aerostructures Factory of the Future (AFOF)

Aerostructures Factory of the Future (AFOF) is a collaborative ATI-approved project aiming to develop innovative industrial development strategy to help sustain UK aerospace jobs and ensure that the UK consolidates its position as the second largest global aerospace supplier through:
• WP1 – Manufacturing process technology improvements to achieve increased production efficiency
• WP2 – On-shoring of aerospace component work packages back to the UK to maintain long-term job security of the UK manufacturing base
• WP3 – Development, testing and validation of complex manufacturing processes associated with aircraft wing manufacture

The work packages above were aligned to both protecting current capability and exploitation to win new business. The collective objective was to strengthen Spirit’s industrialised path in the manufacture of high-rate aero-structures both for new variants of current aircraft and next generation platforms.



Short Title: AFOF
Project Number: 113039
Project Cost: £400,000
End Date: 31st Mar 2017
Time Horizon: Exploit
Lead Partner: Spirit AeroSystems (Europe) Limited
Attributes: Cost, Operational Needs & Flexibility
ATI Value Stream: Aerostructures of the future