Advanced Geometry and Meshing Engineering Tools (AUGMENT)

UK aerospace companies rely heavily on numerical simulation, both to test designs in contexts that would not be physically practical, and as the most efficient way of reducing risk and quantifying design performance. However, preparing a geometric model for simulation is still frequently a manual and labour-intensive activity. The research and design (R&D) work carried out by the ATI-approved AUGMENT project will develop advanced tools for geometry and meshing, to allow engineering simulation to participate fully and effectively in the earliest stages of industrial design. AUGMENT brings together two SMEs (Cambridge Flow Solutions and TranscenData Europe) with complementary products (BoXeR and CADfix) that use two distinct representations of geometry and distinct approaches to automated meshing. The project will demonstrate that these approaches can be successfully integrated into interoperable end-user products that combine their strengths, making it possible for users to access the benefits of both.

Short Title: AUGMENT
Project Number: 102364
Project Cost: £1,296,935
End Date: 31st Jul 2018
Time Horizon: Exploit
Lead Partner: Cambridge Flow Solutions Limited
Attributes: Fuel Efficiency, Cost
ATI Value Stream: Aircraft of the future