Breakthrough Aerospace Material (BAM)

The BAM project, supported by the ATI, researches the use of 3D woven composite material for application to aircraft structures, and potentially for use in other sectors, in particular the automotive sector. The expected benefits include lower weight structures and reduced manufacturing and assembly costs. The project also considers the design requirements and potential blockers in developing the technology. Suitable candidate structures will be investigated and associated simulation software will be developed to deliver an engineering tool set. Manufacturing processes will be assessed and used to manufacture various elements of a typical test pyramid to compare the predictions with the actual performance and to begin thinking about the quality control aspects, providing a route to certification.

The overall objectives of the project are to develop the complete process from design to the manufacture of 3D woven composite fabric component, thereby enhancing the UK supply chain in the technologies required to deliver more innovative composite structures.

Short Title: BAM
Project Number: 102368
Project Cost: £3,578,979
End Date: 28th Feb 2019
Time Horizon: Position
Lead Partner: Sigmatex UK Ltd
Attributes: Cost
ATI Value Stream: Aerostructures of the future