Electro-Mechanical Magnetic Actuator Systems (EMMAS)

The Electro-Mechanical-Magnetic Actuator Systems (EMMAS) project aims to create safer, quieter, more-reliable electro-mechanical actuator designs, containing electronics suitable for extreme environments. Triumph Actuation Systems is leading a collaboration of partners to address the technological trend to move from hydraulic actuation systems to more electronic systems, which could offer greater economic and maintenance performance. However, there are perceived issues surrounding the reliability of electronic-mechanical actuators.

The design of current flight control actuation (e.g. rudders, ailerons) demands high component reliability to achieve safe operation and avoid jamming. The magnetic system allows for the movement of gears with no physical contact, therefore removing the possibility of jamming. This programme introduces magnetic systems into the actuator design and demonstrates their performance. These actuators will be vibration resilient, have capacity to thermally regulate, require less maintenance, and be resistant to ‘jamming’ when permanently or temporarily overloaded. Another strand of the programme is to produce a product that can operate reliably in harsh environments (-55oC to 85oC) as well as managing the variable vibration aspects. The main drivers behind this product are greater product reliability and safety, whilst developing a weight and cost neutral product solution.

The value of the consortium cannot be underestimated, Chris Whitley Technical Director at Triumph Actuation Systems explained. “The benefit of these projects is about so much more than the money. Yes, the money is needed to get the projects of the ground, but the added value around knowledge transfer is invaluable. Bringing together different UK companies, sharing their expertise enhances the knowledge base you need to develop a highly successful product over a short period of time, ensuring it reaches the market ahead of its competitors”, he stated.

Download the Electro-Mechanical Magnetic Actuator Systems (EMMAS) case study
Short Title: EMMAS
Project Number: 101802
Project Cost: £2,530,673
End Date: 30th Nov 2017
Time Horizon: Exploit
Lead Partner: Triumph Actuation Systems UK Limited
Attributes: Safety, Cost, Operational Needs & Flexibility, Passenger Experience
ATI Value Stream: Smart, Connected and More Electric Aircraft