Flexible Robotic Machining in High Accuracy Applications (FRoMHAA)

The AMRC project is combining existing robotic technology, with world-leading expertise in CNC (computer numerical control) machine tool dynamics. The technology includes the latest accuracy rotary encoders which will be incorporated into its Kuka ‘Titan’ robot, linked to the robot’s Siemens 840D controller. The technology has been developed by Electroimpact, in Deeside, one of the world’s leading aerospace automation companies, with expertise in creating high-accuracy robots.

The project has the potential to develop accurate and stiff robotic machining, for both metallic and composite structures, offering manufacturers increased flexibility and greater efficiency, resulting in producing higher quality components. The robot will be at the heart of future UK automation research, collaborating with UK aerospace OEMs and Tier One companies.

Once the technology is developed it will reduce the need for expensive specialised multi-axis machine tools and will have applications in current and future commercial aircraft programmes, as well as benefiting other high-value UK industries, including the defence, automotive and marine sectors.

Download the Flexible Robotic Machining in High Accuracy Applications (FRoMHAA) case study
Short Title: FRoMHAA
Project Number: 113079
Project Cost: £510,000
End Date: 31st May 2017
Time Horizon: Secure
Lead Partner: Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre
Attributes: Cost, Operational Needs & Flexibility
ATI Value Stream: Aerostructures of the future