Geometry Handling and Integration (GHANDI)

ATI funded GHandI, led by MBDA UK, brings together seven partners tasked with developing technologies aimed at improving the methods and processes for generating and manipulating high fidelity aircraft and turbo-machinery component geometries, and their associated computational meshes. The collaboration, formed of key specialist organisations, constitutes as a key pillar towards enabling a more integrated aerodynamic design capability.

One of the most fundamental properties affecting the aerodynamic performance of an aircraft is its shape. With a progressive increase in demand for performance, the need to explore and optimise the performance of novel airframe shapes rapidly and efficiently is becoming increasingly important. This poses significant challenges for the ways in which the associated geometry is generated and manipulated (in support of design) – both on its wetted surfaces and in the adjacent air flow (i.e. the computational mesh). Greater attention is being focused on these challenges globally and it is vital that the UK keeps ahead of the competition.

Project GHandI, for the first time, bought together key strands of the UK aerodynamics community to facilitate knowledge sharing and cross-fertilisation via complementary, research activities, and to establish innovative capabilities and shared understanding.

Download the Geometry Handling and Integration (GHANDI) case study
Short Title: GHANDI
Project Number: 101372
Project Cost: £4,960,629
End Date: 31st Dec 2015
Time Horizon: Exploit
Lead Partner: MBDA UK Limited
Attributes: Cost
ATI Value Stream: Aircraft of the future