Hyper Flux ++

Hyper Flux ++ builds on the previous successful ATI funded project Hyper Flux, which looked at developing next generation Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology for the civil, automotive, renewable and aerospace sectors, using the cutting-edge high order flux reconstruction technique designed at the Imperial College London.

Hyper Flux ++ brings together a collaboration of Bombardier, CFMS, Aircraft Research Association and Zenotech to further develop the capability and address challenges, specifically for the aerodynamic modelling of undercarriages and nacelles. Hyper Flux is a UK-based software tool, underpinned by expertise within the UK, in line with government strategies for high-value manufacturing and ICT.

The previous Hyperflux project focused on low technology readiness level (TLR) technologies, across a range of engineering sectors. This ++ project specifically addresses Bombardier test cases relating to the industrial aerodynamic modelling of undercarriages and nacelles, with over 30,000 surfaces to be modelled by the software – although the technologies developed could have much wider application across and beyond aerospace.

The advancement and collaboration within Hyperflux ++ is anticipating reaching a working practice product at TRL7 by the end of the project (2018), from a current level of around TRL 4-5 area, demonstrating the fast-paced development of the project. Hyper Flux ++ will develop localised transition modelling; better and more robust high order mesh generation and higher fidelity acoustic source modelling. Faster more accurate run times have put this technology at the fore, with CFMS’ high performance computing system aiding the design. It is estimated the improvements in design time will be accelerated by at least 10 times for the same fixed cost, significantly increasing design productivity and throughput, whilst reducing cost. In addition, the tool has the potential to be applied to the design of new aircraft architectures.

Download the Hyper Flux ++ case study
Short Title: Hyper Flux
Project Number: 102366
Project Cost: £1,020,067
End Date: 31st Oct 2018
Time Horizon: Exploit
Lead Partner: Zenotech Limited
Attributes: Fuel Efficiency, Environment, Cost, Operational Needs & Flexibility
ATI Value Stream: Aircraft of the future