Lightweight, Affordable Motors & Power-electronics Systems (LAMPS)

The ATI-approved LAMPS project (Lightweight, Affordable Motor and Power-electronic Systems) addresses a critical part of the move to more-electric aircraft (MEA), creating a new generation of power electronics and motors for aircraft applications. Working together as a project team, UTC Aerospace Systems, UTC Research Centre – Ireland, Raytheon UK, Aero Stanrew Limited and International Capacitors Wrexham, have worked on developing innovative approaches to motors and drives.

This £2.7M, 2-year duration project is critical to the MEA and has delivered concepts that will lead to substantial reductions in size, weight and cost. Achieving these reductions is vital due to the increasing numbers of motors and drives required on a future MEA.

LAMPS was intended to develop ideas for these Motors and power Electronics through to TRL 2-3 in anticipation of a follow-on project to mature these innovations through to TRL 5/6.


Download the Lightweight, Affordable Motors & Power-electronics Systems (LAMPS) case study
Short Title: LAMPS
Project Number: 113019
Project Cost: £2,700,000
End Date: 31st Aug 2016
Time Horizon: Exploit
Lead Partner: UTC Aerospace Systems
Attributes: Fuel Efficiency, Environment, Cost, Operational Needs & Flexibility
ATI Value Stream: Smart, Connected and More Electric Aircraft