Tighter Specification Aerofoils (SAM 2 P1)

To remain competitive and meet the requirements of future engines, there is a constant and growing need to develop new and innovative manufacturing technologies that improve the accuracy and precision of aerofoil components, enabling significant improvements in airflow in the gas turbine engine, resulting in Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC) improvements.

This ATI-supported project was a collaboration between Rolls-Royce, the AMRC and AFRC that touched on a wide range of technologies and operated across different work packages. The project aim was to develop new manufacturing processes that enable cost competitive manufacture of advanced aerofoil designs which rotate at high speeds and efficiently compress the incoming air. These included: new forging methods; optimised machining; improvements to the Superplastic Forming (SPF) process. The project aimed to achieve 30% improvement in productivity, 100% Right First Time (RFT), and significantly reduced process cycle times.

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Short Title: SAM 2 P1
Project Number: 110100
Project Cost: £5,777,000
End Date: 31st Dec 2015
Time Horizon: Secure
Lead Partner: Rolls-Royce PLC
Attributes: Fuel Efficiency
ATI Value Stream: Propulsion of the future