Future Novel Control and Monitoring (SILOET II Project 16)

This project aimed to significantly enhance the performance, reliability and cost of the aerospace gas turbine engine control system, to ensure not only a competitive future engine, but one that meets emission targets (e.g. ACARE goals) and emerging legislation. The ATI-supported project intended to develop advanced fuel system technologies aligning to the vision proposed for the Advanced Systems in the AGP strategy (Lifting Off) – Implementing the Strategic Vision for UK Aerospace. Specifically, novel advanced actuators to accommodate higher duty and fit to an ever shrinking engine envelope, step change improvement in fuel pumping as a result of higher duty, flow rate, thermal efficiency and reliability, development of power electronics and electric machines to supporting electric pumping delivering the benefits of a more electric aircraft, and finally to examine future engine health monitoring for increased efficiency and cost saving benefits.

Short Title: SILEOT 2 P16
Project Number: 113008
Project Cost: £12,309,499
End Date: 30th Jun 2017
Time Horizon: Exploit
Lead Partner: Rolls-Royce Controls and Data Services Limited
Attributes: Cost, Operational Needs & Flexibility
ATI Value Stream: Smart, Connected and More Electric Aircraft