Rotorcraft Technology Validation Programme (RTVP)

Leonardo Helicopters (manufacturing AgustaWestland helicopter models) continued research into helicopter active rotor technology to provide a step change in passenger ride comfort. ATI-supported project RTVP followed on from a previous project named REACT (Rotor Embedded Actuation Control Technology), in collaboration with the universities of Bristol, Liverpool and Leicester.

The REACT project developed the design, methodologies and simulation tools for moving trailing edge flaps on helicopter blades. This was then followed through to RTVP and RTVP II (Extension) projects to cover manufacturing and to advance the technology in preparation for flight testing late in 2016. The rotor research programme is a core strategy for Leonardo Helicopters, and its development forms the single largest research topic for the company in the UK.

Download the Rotorcraft Technology Validation Programme (RTVP) case study
Short Title: RTVP
Project Number: 110060
Project Cost: £15,455,850
End Date: 31st Mar 2014
Time Horizon: Exploit
Lead Partner: AgustaWestland Limited
Attributes: Fuel Efficiency, Cost, Passenger Experience
ATI Value Stream: Propulsion of the future