Holistic Optimising Systems (SILOET II Project 1)

The Holistic Optimising Systems Project was a collaborative research and technology project led by Rolls-Royce plc with Rolls-Royce Engine Control Systems Ltd (previously known as Aero Engine Controls Ltd), Raytheon UK and the University of Sheffield. The project aimed to develop a range of aerospace gas turbine engine control technologies which operate as a system that optimises its performance with consideration of the overall performance of the engine. These technologies were expected to improve performance in terms of fuel consumption, emissions and in service operation. The project scope included sub-system design, modelling and demonstration in appropriate test vehicles.

Download the Holistic Optimising Systems (SILOET II Project 1) case study
Short Title: SILOET 2 P1
Project Number: 110115
Project Cost: £7,499,570
End Date: 31st Dec 2016
Time Horizon: Exploit
Lead Partner: Rolls-Royce PLC
Attributes: Fuel Efficiency
ATI Value Stream: Smart, Connected and More Electric Aircraft