Structures Technology Maturity Project (SteM)

The STEM project brings together a consortium of Primes and leading supply chain companies representative of the civil aerospace sector. STEM’s aim, as part of the UK Centre for Aerodynamics programme, is to support new concepts in wing design that push the boundaries of aerodynamic performance, contributing to securing work in the UK for the next generation of aircraft. ATI-supported STEM targets substantially advance high rate, high value manufacturing capability for airframe structures that meet the requirements of advanced aerodynamics through automation and assembly technologies. This programme provides a vehicle by which UK aerospace companies can maintain the competitive edge and help secure UK manufacturing growth.

Short Title: SteM
Project Number: 110111
Project Cost: £12,249,235
End Date: 30th Apr 2014
Time Horizon: Secure
Lead Partner: GKN Aerospace Services Limited
Attributes: Safety, Fuel Efficiency, Environment, Cost, Operational Needs & Flexibility
ATI Value Stream: Aerostructures of the future