The Protocol Programme (AIRSTREAM)

The primary objective of project AIRSTREAM, led by Airbus, is to advance the development of generic technologies that will enable further optimised structural engineering and manufacturing processes to be exploited on future Airbus aircraft developments. These technologies will be the future building blocks of knowledge used in component design, manufacture and assembly, from concept validation through to final production. These building blocks are defined by eight strategic technology themes that align fully to the technology development work breakdown structure used within Airbus. The themes are: Advanced Numerical Methods, Assembly Technology, Composite Technology, Metallic Technology, NDE/NDT, Systems Installation, and Upstream technology.

Short Title: AIRSTREAM
Project Number: 110050
Project Cost: £9,781,190
End Date: 31st Mar 2014
Time Horizon: Secure
Lead Partner: Airbus UK Limited
Attributes: Safety, Cost
ATI Value Stream: Aerostructures of the future