Validation and Experimental Capabilities (VALEX)

This five-year, £2.7m, ATI-approved project was lead by Airbus in collaboration with academic and research organisations. Its main goal was to develop and enhance experimental aerodynamic capabilities in the UK by developing experimental competences in the field of high and low speed aerodynamics and by developing testing and model manufacturing technologies within the wind tunnel facility.
The two main objectives were to advance:
• Testing capabilities within the UK for the Filton Low Speed Wind Tunnel, ARA Transonic Wind Tunnel and the Airbus Noise Technology Centre based at Southampton University, in order to maintain and increase their key roles in the UK to deliver high quality experimental aerodynamics data to their customers
• The model manufacturing capabilities within the UK

Short Title: VALEX
Project Number: 113030
Project Cost: £2,765,352
End Date: 31st Mar 2019
Time Horizon: Secure
Lead Partner: Airbus Operations Limited
Attributes: Fuel Efficiency
ATI Value Stream: Aircraft of the future