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Fixed Trade Calculator

The Fixed Trade Calculator is a web-based tool designed by the ATI which offers the UK aerospace community access to simplified trade-off study capabilities. This aircraft performance modelling tool is also used in-house to support the ATI’s funding assessment process and assess the benefits of new technologies.

The Fixed Trade Calculator enables assessment of the impact of novel technologies on representative conventional narrow and wide-bodied aircraft. It quantifies the impact of changes in weight, drag or thrust- specific fuel consumption of the aircraft into which the technologies may be installed. This provides users with the fuel burn benefits, operating cost changes, and environmental impact in terms of COfor new technologies – important variables to consider when assessing novel aircraft technologies.

Click below for access to the Fixed Trade Calculator, and scroll down for support and training materials.


Fixed Trade Calculator

Support & Guidance

ATI webinar: Fixed Trade Calculator

A recording of the webinar of 14th December 2017 providing an overview of the ATI's Fixed Trade Calculator.

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ATI Fixed Trade Calculator Data Protection and Handling Statement
ATI Fixed Trade Calculator Terms of Use