We have developed several free-to-use tools to support R&T in UK aerospace.

The Fixed Trade Calculator is organised in three steps:

  • Landing page
  • Inputs: Aircraft model selection / Fixed Trade Calculation inputs
  • Results
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ATI project portal

The ATI Programme has funded an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge projects which encompass the breadth of the UK. Project partners include SMEs, large companies, research centres and academia, reinforcing the UK’s capabilities in aerospace R&T through fostering collaboration.

We encourage you to explore our portfolio via the link below. Powered by SharpCloud, the interactive portfolio can be queried to deliver a tailored view, depending on what you want to explore.

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ATI National Infrastructure Database

The ATI has mapped the UK’s aerospace technology infrastructure through a series of consultations with the wider industry and provided it free to browse.

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Fixed Trade Calculator

About the Fixed Trade Calculator

The Fixed Trade Calculator is a web-based tool designed by the ATI which offers the UK aerospace community access to simplified trade-off study capabilities. This aircraft performance modelling tool is also used in-house to support the ATI’s funding assessment process and assess the benefits of new technologies.

The Fixed Trade Calculator enables assessment of the impact of novel technologies on representative conventional narrow and wide-bodied aircraft. It quantifies the impact of changes in weight, drag or thrust- specific fuel consumption of the aircraft into which the technologies may be installed. This provides users with the fuel burn benefits, operating cost changes, and environmental impact in terms of COfor new technologies – important variables to consider when assessing novel aircraft technologies.

Registering for the Fixed Trade Calculator

Requests to access the fixed trade calculator are made by registering online. After completing registration, the email address submitted must be verified. Requests are verified individually by staff at the ATI and must comply with the published Terms of Use. Decision notification will be made by email, and where registration has been approved the account will be activated.

Visit: Online Registration for the Fixed Trade Calculator

View/Download: Fixed Trade Calculator Terms of Use (PDF 135KB)

View Download: Fixed Trade Calculator Data Protection and Handling notice (410 KB)

Access to the Fixed Trade Calculator

Following registration click the link below to access the Fixed Trade Calculator.
You may find it helpful to refer to the how to guide, FAQs and training material featured below.

Access: The Fixed Trade Calculator


How to guide

If you have further questions, please contact the Whole Aircraft team at ATI. Please email using “Fixed Trade Calculator” as your subject line.  Additional training guides are available below.

View/Download: Fixed Trade Calculator How to Guide (PDF 265 KB)

Watch: Introductory Webinar (YouTube: 37 minutes)

Frequently asked questions and collated user queries

This FAQ document collated answers to questions which have arisen so far during testing and development of the ATI Fixed Trade Calculator. It is not exhaustive, please see the “Further help” (page 2) for details of how to follow up if this does not resolve your query.

View/Download: Fixed Trade Calculator FAQs (PDF 260 KB).

Training Guides / Application Examples

When accessing the Fixed Trade Calculator. You may find it helpful to refer to the  training material featured below.

Application Examples

View/Download: Sanity checking Fixed Trade Calculator results (PDF 233 KB)

View/Download: Technology Selection- Fastenings (PDF  629 KB)

View/Download: Engine selection. (PDF 218 KB)

View/Download: Unwashed Plane. (PDF 228KB)

View/Download: Technology Selection – (IFE Antennae). (PDF 220 KB)