The UK Aerospace Supply Chain

An ATI film, in partnership with stakeholders, demonstrating the importance of, and the contributions the UK supply chain makes to the aerospace sector.

Posted 20/07/18

Forward-thinking Aviation

The future of aviation will be very different. We will see aerospace becoming more connected and integrated into the wider transportation sector - especially when electric and autonomous flights begins to operate. The Aerospace Technology Institute is taking a leading role in convening and leading the sector into this very exciting third aviation revolution.

Posted 20/07/18

ATI Conference 2017 Highlights

Great moments and highlights from ATI Conference 2017 captured on film!

Posted 19/12/17


This project, led by Spirit Aerosystems in Prestwick, focuses on the development of leading- and trailing-edge components and assembly technologies, supporting high-volume and low-cost composite wing manufacture, assembly and equipping.

Posted 15/12/17


This Hybrid Air Vehicles project focused on lowering the developmental risks in key technology areas such as novel aircraft aerodynamics, carbon composite structures, avionics monitoring systems and improving rate production.

Posted 15/12/17

ATI Project: FFD

This project, led by GE Aviation, set out to develop advanced capabilities for flight deck technologies and improve the operations of the aircraft by providing the pilot with a fuller picture of the aircraft situation. The technologies aim to offer an increase in aircraft routes and could help to reduce flight delays in the future.

Posted 15/12/17

ATI Project: VIEWS

Led by GKN Aerospace, a consortium of supply chain companies came together to focus on strengthening UK manufacture and assembly capabilities for current and future disruptive aircraft technologies. The project aims to bring promising wing design, manufacturing and assembly technologies near to market readiness, while selecting some novel technologies for further development.

Posted 15/12/17

ATI Project: Future of Aircraft Factory

A consortium of thirteen partners, led by Airbus, have come together to focus on strengthening UK manufacturing and assembly productivity for series production and next-generation manufacturing systems. The project generated spin off technologies virtually from the start. Once the technologies had matured they were transferred into production to deliver benefits on current products.

Posted 15/12/17


The SANTANA (System Advances in Nacelle Technology Aerodynamics) project is focused on the development of aerodynamic technologies for the design of advanced engine nacelles (a nacelle is the streamlined outer casing of an aircraft engine). The project is led by Bombardier in Belfast, in partnership with S&C Thermofluids, the Aircraft Research Association, and the aerodynamics research teams of City University, London and Imperial College, London. Our thanks to Bombardier and S&C Thermofluids for contributing to this video.

Posted 15/12/17

ATI Project: ADVANCE Programme

The ATI has funded a number of research projects aimed at the Rolls-Royce Advance 3 Demonstrator. This presents a high-efficiency, high-temperature core that is intended to form a key element of future engines including the UltraFan®. The demonstrator encompasses a range of new technologies, including a lightweight carbon titanium fan system, lean burn combustion and advanced materials such as ceramic matrix composites. The demonstrator has taken advantage of new UK supply chain organisations to deliver components in challenging timescales.

Posted 15/12/17

ATI Conference 2017: Realising Ambition

Gary Elliott, Chief Executive Officer of the Aerospace Technology Institute, introduces the ATI Conference 2017 taking place on 28th & 29th November 2017 at the NEC Birmingham. More information can be found at

Posted 21/08/17

ATI Project Insight: Agile Wing Integration, Airbus

Posted 20/07/16

The ATI at Farnborough International Airshow 2016

Posted 14/07/16

ATI Technology Strategy Launch: Economics and Markets Breakout Session

Stephen Henwood, Chairman, ATI

Posted 15/07/15

ATI Technology Strategy Launch: Technology Breakout Session

Gary Elliot, Chief Executive Officer, ATI
Simon Weeks, Chief Technical Officer, ATI

Posted 15/07/15