The funding landscape: an overview

Various types of support exist for organisations in and around the aerospace sector but making sense of the funding landscape can be an onerous task. This brief overview will help you make better informed decisions on your next step towards innovating and growing as a business. 


This resource gives a non-exhaustive view of an ever-changing landscape, presenting the most relevant funding opportunities for companies working in aerospace. It is correct at the time of publishing, June 2023. 

For aerospace innovators in the UK, funding support is available from regional, national, and European funding sources, as well as from a variety of private funding options, see overview graphic below.

Regional funding

On a regional scale there is funding and support available from the devolved administrations, as well as funding from city-wide and region-wide councils and organisations that specialise in providing support for local existing and aspiring businesses – some regions have an aerospace focus and can provide more specialised support.

National funding

The following is a list of national bodies which provide cross-sector funding. Competitions and challenges are set by the funding bodies periodically and are open to those who fit the specific eligibility criteria. Funding is awarded competitively.

Aerospace-specific UK funding

While the programmes outlined above offer various funding routes for which aerospace businesses, among other companies, may be eligible, there are also several aerospace-specific funding programmes.

European funding

Private funding

Private funding options range from Corporate and Private Venture Capital, and other forms of private equity, to Bank Loans. The appropriate financial solution will depend on factors including a small company’s structure and size as well as on the risk appetite and sector interest of the investor or lender.

The table 1 below provides an overview of the type of private financing available.


How the ATI Hub can help you

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