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Technology Strategy & Portfolio Update 2016

The Aerospace Technology Institute’s (ATI) Technology Strategy & Portfolio Update 2016 is available to all interested parties and can be requested by completing the following short form:

Restricted Strategy Paper

The ATI’s restricted strategy papers include individual reports covering the market opportunity outlook, four priority value streams and five priority technology and capability enablers.

The ATI has developed the technology strategy and these detailed documents for the benefit of UK aerospace, based on the contributions of individuals and organisations supporting the growth of the UK aerospace sector.  This information is valuable and it is in the interests of the companies for which it is intended that the ATI takes measures to protect its distribution and use.

The ATI expects its intellectual capital to be treated respectfully by those who access it.  This is demonstrated by a light-touch set of terms around confidentiality and use that we ask individuals to accept when requesting these reports.

The ATI will review all requests prior to distribution and reserves the right to deny access to these materials.

To ensure documents are being released to individuals and organisations for whom they are intended, and to help the ATI build its knowledge on the R&D community, the following information is required:

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Complete integrated aircraftAircraft aerostructures productsAircraft propulsion productsAircraft systems and equipment productsEngineering tools, services or other supporting productsAircraft maintenance and repair services or specific productsAcademics or similar activitiesEngineering design/development professional servicesOther productsOther services
Technology researchProduct design and developmentProduct manufacturing and/or supplyProduct assembly and integrationIn-service product supportProfessional advisoryOther
1 - 5051 - 250251 - 1,0001,001 - 5,0005,001 - 10,00010,001 +
Market: Civil Aircraft Market Opportunity Outlook 2016Value stream: Whole AircraftValue stream: PropulsionValue stream: AerostructuresValue stream: SystemsEnabler: AerodynamicsEnabler: ManufacturingEnabler: MaterialsEnabler: Process and ToolsEnabler: Technology Infrastructure
Note: PRIVACY: The information submitted will be used by ATI:

i) to contact you in relation to the ATI's networking and strategy
ii) for its own internal analysis on the profiles of registrants;
iii) to publish suitably anonymised data;
iv) to inform your employer/contracted organisation; and
v) to enforce the terms of use.

The ATI will otherwise not pass on your personal details to third parties and will store and use your data securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

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Terms of use

By downloading the ATI Strategy document you are agreeing to the following terms of use and privacy policy:

The information contained within this report is owned by the Aerospace Technology Institute (“ATI”) and contains valuable information intended for individuals and organisations participating in the growth of the UK aerospace sector. It has been disclosed to you directly by the ATI on the following basis:

  • Copying – You must not copy this report or any part, except a single whole electronic and printed copy.
  • Distribution – You must not physically distribute this report, electronically or in print, with anyone outside your employed/contracted organisation. The Institute’s preference is for all individuals to receive their own personalised copies by going to the ATI website.
  • Use – You may use the document for your internal business purposes on condition that you accept the disclaimer. No other use is permitted.
  • Storage – You may store a single copy of the report electronically and in printed form, including on your employer’s IT systems and/or premises, subject to you taking reasonable care to ensure it is safe from unauthorised third party access.
  • Disclosure– You may discuss the contents of this document internally within your employed/contracted organisation (including its group companies) associated with the email address you used for registration in obtaining the report. You may also generally discuss the less sensitive contents of this report in general discussions within industry organisations, noting that reasonable care should be taken to ensure it is appropriate and that the report is not intended to be distributed widely.

If you have received a copy of this report from an individual outside your organisation, other than directly from the ATI, you should immediately inform the ATI identifying the named owner of the report, and then securely destroy the document without using its contents. All other rights are reserved and the ATI reserves the right to restrict disclosure of future reports to any party and organisation in breach of these terms and advise the ATI’s board of directors of the breach.

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